Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quick lil tour :)

Jon left to Oklahoma Sunday, so sunday night was me and Michelle's 1st night home alone in the new house, and neither one of us got any sleep!  I was just getting used to sleeping alone in our old place, and now its time to readjust!

Anyway, we have been getting lots of request for a look into our house.  Our place is still a work in progress and we still have boxes everywhere, but I thought I'd give you a peek inside our little home form the pics that were posted on Zillow.  The same pictures that we originally saw, that made us fall in love with the place.

The front of the new Burns residence :)
The living room, it is to the left as you come into the house
Another living room view.  We love all of the windows and all of the sunshine that pours in
The formal dinning room
Love the window with the street view :)
Our kitchen, which we want to update with some granite countertops.  I also want to paint the cabinets  white, which is on my to do list
The sellers took the fridge in the picture, our new one is better! lol  And the stove will eventually get updated to stainless steel to match the other appliances. 
Im a big fan of all of the windows and all of the natural light 
We have 4 bedrooms upstairs, and the 5th one in the basement.  We have a bathroom in our bedroom and theres also another bathroom in the hallway, which my little sister uses.
our mater bedroom.  To the left there are some 3 big windows, love it!
We want to paint this room a shade of gray, and do something fun with the wall the bed is against, maybe some fun chevron? 
Our master bath.  To the right of this is a walk in closet, which is a little small, so Jon is using that for himself. 
This bedroom is turning into my walking closet!!  Im in the process of getting it put together, and I love it already!!!  I want to paint it and can't wait to make it into my girly dressing room
This is currently my little sisters room
This room is turning into my craft room / reading room.  Im excited to finally have a craft room put together, without having to dig into a bunch of boxes!  We can also use this room as a guest room :)
The basement! Jon's happy place in the house :) 
Another basement view.  The door on the left leads to the laundry room, nothing too exciting! lol To the right, is a little hallway leading to the 5th bedroom along with another full bathroom.

The final room, which is a guest room / music room for Jon. 
 Now onto the backyard! yay!
View from the patio
I really love our pool!
And one last backyard view.
And thats our new home :)  Jon and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to purchase this house!  We are so excited to finally settle down and not have to worry about moving anytime soon :)  We are looking forward to all of the new adventures the homeownership entails!

Oh and 1 last thing:
My new super cute house key that Jon surprised me with :)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Exciting news!!!!

I mention a few weeks ago, that Jon and I have some big and exciting things coming up and now it’s time for the big reveal!

Jon and I became homeowners on 4/4/2014!!!!

We moved in 2 weekends ago, and returned our rental house keys last Tuesday.   Jon and I still cannot believe that we are now homeowners!
It’s funny how life works.  Back in November, I was looking at Zillow, dreaming of what kind of house we could one day purchase, when I came across a house down the street from us and it was perfect! It met all of our requirements.  I showed it to Jon and we talked about how cool it would be if we could buy a house like that.  And that was it, we didn’t do anything else regarding the house, we just went back to our everyday routine.

In January, Jon met a guy named Nick that is friends with one of our friends in Oregon.  Nick mentioned to Jon that he was a real estate agent.  Jon talked to me about mentioning the house that we found to Nick and potentially looking at it. I just laughed and said, yea right, that house has already been sold, since it’s been months since we 1st found it online. Turns out I was wrong! The house was still on the market, so we decided to check it out.  

We checked the house out and we loved it. But nick thought it would be a good idea for us to also look at other houses in the area that we may also like, because who puts an offer on the very 1st house the look at?  He wanted us to be sure about our decision.  

So Jon and I leave on a trip, and while we are on our trip we also take care of the money portion of buying a house and getting pre-approved.  When we got back from our trip, we spoke with Nick and told him that we were ready to put our offer in.  Guess what?  There was already an offer on the house, and it was higher than what we wanted to spend on the house.  And the offer has been accepted! How heartbreaking?? L  So we were pretty disappointed, and I just kept telling myself that God has a better plan for us regarding our 1st home.  So we started looking at other houses, but none of them compared to the original house.  Jon and I felt that the other houses were nice, but that we were compromising what we really wanted JUST to be homeowners.  

In the middle of February, Jon called me and said that he couldn’t stop thinking about THE house, and asked if I thought it would be a good idea if he just called Nick and asked for a follow up on the house, and see if the original buyer had gone through with purchasing the house.  We waited a few hours, and then Jon got a call back from Nick.  Nick then proceeds to tell Jon that the original buying has JUST backed out of the deal and the house would be put back on the market!!! How amazing???!!!!  

Jon and I spoke with Nick, and decided to put in our offer for the house the very next day.  We did not want to lose out on our dream house again! So we did the whole back and forth thing with the sellers on the price, and finally got our offer accepted! It was such a crazy, stressful and lllooonnnggg process, but it has all been worth it, because now we have a home that is all ours! We still feel like we are dreaming!

We have a long list of projects/updates we would like to make to the house, but for now we are just over the moon about the fact that we actually own this home and can redo it to fit us and our lifestyle.
So our home is 5 bedrooms / 3 ½ bath with a large basement.  Jon can finally have the man cave he has always wanted!  I know it’s a lot of house for just the 2 of us, since we don’t even have kids, but we have my little sister living with us and when we do finally have kids, we have plenty of room to grow.

Here is a little peak of the house, I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of the inside!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend update!!!

The weekend never seems long enough! Sundays are always a sad day for me because Monday is right around the corner.
Love being able to go home to my lunch break!
Friday was an awesome night because Jon and I headed to the Emblem 3 concert.  They were on XFactor about 2 years ago, they ended up getting 3rd place, but now they have a CD out, have gone on tour with Selena Gomez, and now are doing their own tour.  Jon got me tickets for the concert back in December, and I have been counting down the days!  Anyway, they are surfer guys with fun music, they sound a little reggae.  I'm glad Jon is such a good sport and doesn’t mind doing things like this with me.  Most of the concert attendees where teenage girls, lol, but we had a lot of fun, and I was happy that I finally got to see them in concert and got to come home with a new t-shirt :)
Jon and I before we headed out

Enjoying the sunshine and some drinks before Emblem 3 got on stage

Boo to not being able to take good pictures! Sad day!
Saturday, Jon and our friend Curtis golfed, while Michelle and I hung out with Curtis fiancĂ©, Lindsey.  We hung out at her house went out for some drinks, and then met back up with the guys in Tempe with some other friends for dinner.  
Me, Michelle and Lindsey enjoying the sunshine and mimosas!

Dinner with friends
Sunday, the 3 of us met up with Curtis and Lindsey again, because Lindsey forgot her car keys in Jon’s car, so we went out to sushi.  Then we spent the rest of our Sunday relaxing at home, we barbequed for dinner and just enjoyed a sunny Arizona day!
Miley watching over our snacks

Frozen yogurt love :)

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Returning to my lil corner!

I know I keep disappearing from this little space of mine, my heart just wasnt in it for some time, think I needed a little break to adjust to life in Arizona and all the new things that have been going on in our lives.  I really miss blogging, I love looking back at my blog and seeing all the fun things that Jon and I have done together, which I know I would of forgotten about, if it wasn’t for this wonderful space of mine.  I'm going to try to keep up with my blog and get back to documenting the life adventures that Jon and I go on J

Life has been great, but it’s definitely been an adjustment. With Jon’s new position he travels A LOT! I feel like I rarely see him and Miley is starting to take ownership of his side of the bed, lol.  I love having my little sister here with me to keep me company, so I feel less lonely with him gone, but it’s definitely hard. Ever since Jon and I started dating, we have been together 24/7, the longest time apart was for a week and that would happen very rarely.  Now, he’s gone a majority of the month, either traveling to Oklahoma or to California. I’m pretty excited because Jon has been gone all week, and he got back home last night! Yay! And his boss is being awesome and is letting him stay home for an entire month before he has to head back on the road, I’m excited to have him home for so long!

Jon and I have some exciting few weeks ahead of us with some awesome new life developments, and I cannot wait until I can start blogging about that! But for now, I’ll leave you with some fun instagram photos of what life has been like the past 2 months!

Happy Friday!

My 2 loves
Jon trying to get Michelle to like sushi…. it didn't work.
Long drives to find a Mexican grocery store and we found a friend!  
My sweet princess 
Jon loving life at the Waste Management PGA Golf tour
Some more Waste Management PGA Golf tour pics

Our Super Bowl sunday set up
My BFF and I in Vegas! 
At the Britney Spears Vegas show!!!! EEEEKKK SO awesome!!! 
Us on Valentines day
Happy Miley and Wendy with our Valentines day gift! Its a lil dog paw for my charm bracelet :)
My valentines day gift to Jon.  Tickets to a golf show
Michelle and I enjoying the sunshine and the backyard! 
My lil home at work :)
Visitors! Our friend Jake drove up from San Diego with his gf to spend the weekend with us, it was such a blast! 

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